Love Thyself, A Lesson in Self Pleasure

More accessible than ever.

(Cumming Soon)

The best love is self love, so why do we tend to rush this act as opposed to taking the time to enjoy it? This workshop will leave you looking at self love in a new light. Think of this as a yoga class for your lady parts. Take the time in Love Thyself to work on whatever your vaginal goals may be. Whether it is learning new paths to pleasure or how to direct a lover to service you or working towards squirting voluntarily (that means on your own!). 

Cumming Summer 2018, Lola will be releasing a FREE audio version of her popular Love Thyself masturbation workshop.

Need a brush up on anatomy? Check out more mind blowing facts on the vulva and clitoris via Huff Post 

And of course the Godmother of Masturbation: Betty Dodson